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Award Winning Therapist For Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Delivering the highest-quality therapy experience that’s seamless, personalised, and most importantly, effective.

Let me help you make your life the best it can be

"I Wish I Had Found Denise Earlier... She Is A Life Saver... Everyone Needs A "Denise" In Their Lives".....

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"Without Denise I Know My Life Would Be SO Different. What Are YOU Waiting For? Call Or Email... It Was THE Best Decision I Have EVER Made...

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You have just made THE BEST decision of Your Life!!

We all have times where we just can’t seem to move on, or we have things that are stopping us from achieving what we want and we just have no idea how to get past it all.

Well, I am here to tell you that there is a way and it is easy and so effective that you’d wish you’d found it years ago!!

Do you know what it’s like to suffer with anxiety? Think you had been born worrying. Have you been anxious for most of your life and feel like you can worry about almost anything.

So you just think that is who you are.

STanding straight1 (2)

Do you try your hardest to avoid situations that you know will trigger your worries and fears. Sometimes, you even feel that worrying may be good for you – that it helped in some way.

BUT eventually it all catches up with you. Work gets too much, you push yourself to the limit until eventually you’re burnt out, exhausted.

Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to see the light – enough is enough. Are you at that stage? Or close?

Make the choice to overcome this anxiety and stress.

Time to live a full and rewarding life

My mission is to help you to do this… You don’t need to wait until the crisis hits.

Things People Say…

Thank you doesn’t do justice to how I feel and what a massive impact you’ve had on me over these past few weeks. My life has changed and I am so thankful that I found you. You are an amazing person who does amazing things!

Denise has been my saviour. She taught me to love ME. She taught me to start doing things out of passion and love and not from desperation and fear. I would love to bottle what she does as everyone needs to drink a Denise

Don't even think twice - just go. It was the BEST decision I made and I tell everyone. Every session has been a life changer and I know I will have the life I truly deserve, Denise you are simply fab!

Some days I have felt I have so much energy that I am LEADING life, instead of being dragged along by it. It is wonderful! I find myself making plans and looking forward whereas for years, it seems, I have felt tired and overwhelmed and plodded on pretending I had a zest and zeal that just wasn’t there…

What the hell are you waiting for? Call her, email her. Just do it.. You won't regret it... I didn't.

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