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What makes you sing?

It’s so important to remember and focus on the stuff that we enjoy and stuff that leaves us feeling fab inside! So here is my A- Z of stuff that makes me feel good, stuff that I think I’m good at and stuff that makes me sing!


A – Amusing myself!! I love watching feel good movies, listening to upbeat music, or going for a walk – just wandering around… with nobody expecting anything from me…


B – Baking!!! Ok before you all fall off your perches – it’s a joke!

My best B is bathing!! Oh how I love having a bath!! The best time of my day is lying in the bath, switching off and enjoying the peace and quiet … Sheer heaven!!


C – Cooking…. Ok another joke!!!

I love celebrating.. Even the small things. After all it’s the small things that make the biggest impact so I celebrate all little victories – from not burning the toast – it’s a specialty of mine! – to getting amazing feedback from clients, and winning awards!


D – Dancing… Now who doesn’t love to dance!! You can dance anywhere, anytime and anyhow!! Just pop your favourite dance anthem on and have yourself a dance party for one – I love it!!


E – Getting Excited!! There are always things going on that can get the feeling of excitement flowing! Did you know that your body reacts in nearly the same way if you’re nervous or excited? So when I feel that twitch or a rumble in my stomach – I choose to be excited!! Did you know that they are opening a cheesecake shop in London?? Now that is excitement!!!!


F – Food!! I love food, I love eating food…. I love it when people cook it and I eat it!! Eating food and really enjoying it is one of life’s simple pleasures. We all need food to survive and our body needs certain foods to keep it going. So I always look at my food and savour every mouthful.


G – Giving… I am of the opinion that when we give we get it back ten fold. I love giving, usually it’s my time or my skills. It makes me feel good, gives me a purpose and it impacts on whoever I give it to… Maybe it’s time to start paying it forward??


H – Holidays… Now who doesn’t love a holiday? It doesn’t have to be far, doesn’t have to be for long but taking that break and recharging yourself – oh I love it!!!


I – Imagine!!! I love taking time to imagine what I want in my life and just how fab it will be when I get there. I imagine myself there, in my double fronted house, with a driveway and a red sofa… My clinic being full, with a huge waiting list. Oh – the way this all sings at me just makes me feel amazing…. Try it sometime.


J – Jokes! I love a good joke!! I think I have a bit of a sick sense of humour but isn’t it fabulous when you hear something and you can’t help but laugh so hard your stomach hurts???


K – Kissing… I am a real touchy feely person… My kids are grown up now but they still love a kiss from their mum!! I may have to stand on a box to do it but I still manage! Even when we kiss people we haven’t seen for a while it’s that nice contact – makes you feel like you matter.


L – Laughing, loving, living. They all go hand in hand… Some people say I have a real wicked laugh. I laugh everyday – there is always something that makes me chuckle – it could be my dog or something I hear, or even a photo. We all have different perceptions in life so go find something that makes you laugh!


And love? I love loving! Love is one of life’s real treasures. We can all love and lose it and then love again.


Living – it’s a gift that I am so grateful for…


M – Being a Mum!! This is a gift that not everyone gets or wants but I love it!! There are no text books that tell you how to do it and it changes day by day – but I cherish this gift and it makes me sing!!


N – Nodding off – Ask anyone and they will tell you, I can nod off anywhere!! I used to sleep on the tube in the morning – standing up!! I had this innate instinct that knew when it was my stop and just like that, I’d be awake and ready to get off! I still do it even now, if I feel the need for a power nap – I’ll have one. It’s just something that works for me!


O – I opt. It means I choose! I choose to do the things in life that make me smile, that make my day a good day, that sometimes challenge me, take me out of my comfort zone. Regardless of the day the biggest thing is it’s MY day – I decide. I have the options.


P – I pay, play and pray. I pay it forward. That means doing something for someone!


I take time out to do something fun! I love playing Connect Four. I love mucking about with the dog or with my kids.


And I pray – I pray to whoever is out there – the Universe, Angels, Souls, God – to provide me with what I need to ensure I have security and safety.


Q – I Question – or to put it another way – I talk to myself!! Hey, if you talk to yourself you always get the answer you want!! And there is no one who hasn’t talked to themselves and laughed…. Or is that just me?!


R – I refuse to have regrets… I can’t change yesterday, I can only change how I react to it, so I choose to move on and focus on the good things!

Oh and I am good at relaxing…


S – Sleeping… Yes, well I think you’ve sussed me out with my nodding off and relaxing…


T – I thank.  I thank the Universe and Angels.I thank my family, I thank the people I meet everyday.. They all make my life worthwhile and show me that I matter.


U – I Undress!!! Ok – so who gets in at night and puts their pj’s on right away? I do! In fact, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is if I get in and I’m done for the day – the pj’s are on and I am singing!!!


V – I visualise – Ok it’s the same as imagining I suppose but – cut me some slack!! I am a real visual person, pictures say a lot and I enjoy creating images in my head that give me that real buzz.


W – I welcome every day and make each day count… Why not? It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I know I make the choices so I ensure the choices are right for me.


X – I eXercise…. NOT! I know that I should but oh Lord why is it so painful??? I so my not so new years resolution is to find a way of doing this that really does sing at me… Not doing sings at me!


Y – I yeah yeah yeah – Why keep negative stuff in your head when all it does is make you feel crap? So me? I see it coming and go yeah yeah yeah and ditch it.


Z – I zoom. My biggest thing is to walk into a room and make a difference. So when I walk into the clinic, it’s usually with a song or whistle, or I always ask how people are. They’re just a few simple things but I like to think that I make an impact – a bit of a flash – in and out – zooming!!!


I had an absolute blast thinking of all the different things that make me sing. You should definitely try it! It’s an exercise that will have you grinning from ear to ear!!!

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