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What Season Makes You Jolly?

As the summer has started to arrive here in the UK, it’s got me wondering about all the different seasons and how each of them has a different impact on us all. When it’s spring the first thing that comes to mind for most people is new life. From baby lambs to the clean air of the countryside, when you think of spring, you think FRESH! The colours are so bright and the temperature is mild, not too hot, not too cold. It’s just so lovely to see the diversity in nature, all the colours and smells start to change and you’re surrounded by endlessly different flowers. But there are even sounds that go with springtime that we all know. Like birds singing and the various noises of other animals. I personally always remember going to visit all the baby lambs that are born during springtime.

Spring is definitely a feel-good season with all the familiar sights, sounds and smells you can’t help but feel great. But as the weather starts to change we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer. However, it’s not only the weather that changes, everything does! The animals, the birds, the flowers, the smells, even the colours, and sounds start to differ. When you think about it, what sounds do you associate with summer?

We all have things that to us are uniquely summer. To some summertime is all about the beach, sunshine and holidays. To others, it means hot weather and barbecues. We all feel differently when it comes to different seasons.


Some people absolutely love the summertime (I love the heat). Other people aren’t so keen on the hot weather, they prefer the spring because everything starts to come alive, but it’s not too hot. When you start to reminisce, we’ve all got things that we associate with the different times of the year. School holidays equal summer and Easter equals spring.


After summer ends we enter into autumn, and yet again everything starts to change. One of the biggest changes is the weather, it goes from being rainy, to damp and then back to rainy again. I’m really not an autumn person myself, I don’t like the warm colours like golden brown and orange that are everywhere at this time of year. It’s not my season. Even the food is different in the autumn, the salads go out of the window, we start to favour soup in order to warm us up in the cold weather. Not only does it get colder but the days get shorter and the nights are drawn out.


And then, before we know it winters here. The colours dramatically shift again from warm tones to a mixture of dull greys and if you’re lucky a blanket of lovely bright white snow. The temperature also significantly changes in this season, the cold weather isn’t for everyone but some people love the wintertime. They like the rain and the cold and everything else that makes winter what it is. But even if you don’t like winter now you can’t help but remember all the great things about it from when you were young. Like making snowmen and throwing snowballs in the crisp air, and that kind of warm fuzzy feeling you’d get despite the freezing temperatures.


We all have stuff that makes each season special to us, and we all have seasons we love, and seasons that we don’t like so much. So I want you to think about each of the seasons and how they change throughout the year. And more importantly how we all just accept these changes. As the seasons come and go, we also change!. If we can easily accept the changes that each season brings to our surroundings and our minds, why is it difficult sometimes for us to accept changes that happen in our lives. Why are the day to day changes more difficult to deal with?


I want you to think about that. I want you to think about how to tackle the changes that happen in your life? Do you tackle them like you tackle the changes in the seasons – accept and adapt – or do you tackle them in a totally different way that could make you feel stressed and anxious?

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