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Online Therapy is just as effective

I know sometimes it’s hard to either find the time or motivation to visit a therapist and get the help you need but there are now alternatives to give you the chance to get the help you need. Online face to face support is just as effective and successful as face to face contact.
Some benefits are:
  • Less time needed to fit into a daily schedule,
  • Cheaper as no travel is needed, safer – as you are in the comfort of your own home and you can relax after the session,
  • Less stressful – especially if you have a fear of public spaces or are anxious about leaving home,
  • Environmentally friendlier – you’re not travelling so fewer emissions. All that is needed is a phone, internet and a place to relax..
If this suits you better than contact support then contact me today – I’m on whatsapp, facebook  etc etc!!!

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