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Mindset – What is it??



What is it?

What does it mean?

When you google the word – you get results like:

Master your mindset

Unlock your abundant mindset

Shift your mindset positively


What does any of that actually mean? In real life – what do these things mean and do?

Isn’t your mindset just the way you think? Isn’t it just your experiences and lessons learnt over the years you’ve been on the planet?

Surely your mindset changes as you get older and wiser?

Yes, we can all look back and see that over time our mindsets have indeed changed.

But this hasn’t been because you have “shifted” or “unlocked” your mindset…

What people are truly saying when they say they need to sort out their mindset is

‘I want to feel good’.

The way to see how our minds work in a simple way is to look at these examples and see which one of the aspects relate to you..




“I’ve got imposter syndrome”… what we say is the problem.

“I’m scared someone will criticise me”… is what we are really feeling.

“I’ve become successful quickly”… the actual circumstance.



“I’ve got a visibility problem”… what we say is the problem.

“I’m full of doubts”… is what we are really feeling.

“My offer is boring”… the actual circumstance.


“I’ve got a money mindset problem”… what we say is the problem.

“I’m scared of failing and going broke”… what we are really feeling.

“I just don’t make enough offers”… the actual circumstance.


How many times have you bought a self help book or watched a Youtube video on changing your mindset?

Or you say these affirmations everyday…


But it doesn’t work.

Not really.

Actually, not at all.


Its’ kind of like trying to catch a fly – the fly stops – you try and swat it – you miss – it flies off – you try again – it does the same… You get annoyed so you get the fly spray – then spray too much and feel like you’re choking!!


The humorous irony in all this, is that many people know that I am the “go to” mindset mentor .

Probably because I have a knack of helping them feel better, and then help them change their circumstances.


But here’s the WHOLE POINT of this..

You don’t need fixing.

And there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel better

Instead of fixing, let’s just focus on what’s already ‘wow’ about you.


So put down that motivational quotes book and do this little piece of homework instead:


Step 1 – write down one thing you did last week that you were great at.

Step 2 – write down one thing you did last week that you loved doing.

Step 3 – write down one thing that really helped someone.

Step 3 – make sure those 3 things are in your calendar for this week.


And if you want to put a quote on a post-it note, use this one…. ‘I’m already wow!’


And yes, your feelings might not quite believe that yet. I get it. Just keep doing the homework I gave you… and watch what happens.

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