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Don’t take Offence


How easy is it for you to be offended?

Do you get offended when someone talks about your accent or where you’re from?

I always think that being offended by things is allowing another person to hurt your feelings or allowing someone to offend you.

Because things and people can only offend you and hurt you if you let them… It’s nothing short of self-imposed mental cruelty.

Why do we let other people be in charge of your feelings? Does that make sense?

How often have you listen to the news currently or read a social media post and got angry or annoyed at what someone else has said?

Be honest – does it matter what they think and what they say?

Is it really going to have such an impact on your life if you chose to ignore it?

Probably not..

So why do we let this outrage, this negativity, take over?

Be honest with yourself – are you really that bored? Do you really not have any actual problems to worry about, real ambitions to give your attention to, do you really have so little going on in your life that you get outraged about things like – using a comma or getting the right tense in sentences?

Does it really matter that much?

Is it because you need to be heard? Is it because you have a need to be listened to?

When you are constantly personally offended, you are in essence saying, I give you power over my feelings and I don’t care to take responsibility for my life or for my own feelings and reactions. It shows how willing you are to let others affect how you feel and determine your level of self worth.

So why not ask yourself – do I want others to be in control of my thoughts, feelings and behaviour – or is it time I took control?

There have been numerous times in my life when I could have been so offended by what people have said to me – be it about my accent, my gender, my height.. my choice of movies.., my car.

But I’ve always stopped and asked myself – is it really worth letting that person and that situation take over my life?

Is there something in me that needs to be addressed if I am feeling annoyed or offended and if there is then it’s up to me to sort it.

At the minute – there are loads of people struggling with the changes and being locked down, restricted etc – you have a choice – do you see this as a slant on you or do you see this as something that is what it is?

We are all different and we all live our lives differently but I want you to think about – next time you feel your heckles getting up – is it really worth all that rant and rave? Or will I just brush it off and crack on?

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