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What’s £1m worth?


Bit of a question, if somebody said, I’m going to give you a million pounds, to do something, would you do it?

At the end of the day, it all depends on how much you want that million pounds. Yep, how much that million pounds means to you doesn’t it?

At the end of the day it really does. That’s it.

I’m sure lots of people remember the, film Indecent Proposal

It was all about Robert Redford asking to sleep with Woody Harrelson’s wife, Demi Moore for £1m. Now to them at that time that million pounds was out of this world.

So she slept with him.

That’s when it all went wrong… because the husband then realised that the £1m wasn’t worth having his wife sleep with someone.

Now my question to you is – what’s your £1m?

What would you do to get it?

Now – that £1m can represent anything. It can represent the trousers in your wardrobe. It can be starting an exercise class so you feel healthier. It can be going to college everyday. It can be taking time out with your partner.

The end of the day – it comes down to how much you want it….

How much do you want that £1m change…

If change was easy then we would all be doing it..

We would all be living THE most amazing life ever…

But we are not…..

Because change in any sort of any shape or form is hard. But sometimes, change is hard because you want to actually realise what you’ve done. You want to realise what you’ve achieved.

So if I say  I’m going to give you a million pounds to change. You have to say to yourself, right. How much do I want this change. How much is that £1m worth changing for?

Is it worth enough to make that change?

And the change itself can be an uphill battle for some people. You know it’s hard, but it’s only as hard as you think, if you say, this is going to be easy because I’m going to make it as easy as possible. then you’ll make it as easy as possible.

You will sort out areas to make to easy – you’ll switch the big plates in the house to smaller ones so you only eat off smaller plates.

You will clear out all the cookies, cakes etc that you were eating so you do not have any temptation.

You will sort out time to go to the gym and not use dark nights or the weather etc not to go and exercise.

You will make time for your partner and have date nights or cook dinner

So these mountains or hills that you felt were too high to climb, become small mounds and that £1m prize is easier to see.

So when people say to me, oh this is really difficult and then I say, Why is it difficult?  Why is it hard?  What is the fear right what’s stopping you from saying, I’m going to do that?

What are you worried about? That’s when we get to the bottom of it all and then we can start to find ways to make it easy and get to that £1m prize…

These things don’t necessarily happen overnight, because it’s a slow burn isn’t it?

By changing one small thing and being consistent with the change – you will see the difference and it them makes it easy to make other changes. That is the hill you have to climb.


So ask yourself, Just today, ask yourself, What’s the mountain, or what’s the hill, that you need to climb up and what one step, can you take to put yourself on that hill.

When you start taking these steps – then that £1m prize gets nearer….

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