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Ever wondered why some people just LOVE winter and the dark nights.

Are you fed up of getting SAD every year? Do you want to feel energised?

In just a few steps you will feel ready for the next months and even look forward to it!!! How good will that be?

It’s coming isn’t it? That time of year a lot of us dread.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock….This weekend when the clocks change, the days change, the nights change.
And for some of us our mood changes, our energy drains and everything feels so much harder, slower.

But wait!!! It doesn’t have to be like that.
This year I am determined to enjoy the seasons and all they bring. So I’ve written 5 steps to ensure that this year I’m HAPPY and not S.A.D

Step 1
Plan – Have things to look forward to. I’ve looked ahead and fitted in a night away in our caravan before its too cold.
Movie/box set nights – pullout your fav and indulge. We are catching up with the Walking Dead. (Although Sex and the City is more my thing)
Hubby’s birthday is in November so we have celebration with the family to look forward to.
December weekends have goals – i.e. must have finished buying presents,clean up/tree up and deliver presents.
And eeek – I already have next years calendar and diary with events planned on (any excuse to get new stationery).
Step 2
This time of year can be so exciting. Just think of that steaming bright red tomato soup, with a lovely piece of bread.
Crumble and custard – it would be rude not to; we can’t waste any fallen fruit . Apple, rhubarb, cherry pie or crumble, a lovely satisfying end to any roast dinner (no matter how bad my pastry is.. and it can be..)
Parsnips, pumpkin, squash, figs, blackberries, rhubarb, pomegranates.
Pickles – red cabbage, onions, piccalilli
Turkey, pheasant, duck, goose, lamb
And then the buffet party food………mmmmmmmmm
Step 3
Exercise – After all that food we’ll need to up the pace. And isn’t nice to go out at the moment, rustle of leaves, mid day sun and clear night skies. There’s so much change happening out there. Acorns, conkers, berries.
I’m walking locally and finding some parks that I didn’t know existed. Plan a walk in over the week, even if its 20 minutes and arrange to meet others then you will have to go (squeeze in a pub lunch).
Any excuse to wrap up warm, I’ve got enough scarves and glove sets to wear a different set every day.
Step 4
Keep in touch, see your friends. There are so many events over the next few months; Children in Need, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, X factor and Strictly Finals, Harvest festivals, Christingle, Nativity…. If the dark nights have a habit of deterring you from venturing out, invite friends to you or go out whilst its still light. If I sit down when I get home from work I don’t want to move so I either don’t go home or get ready straight away even if I have to kill time
Step 5
Cosy up. Draw the curtains, put the heating on, comfy pjs, fluffy socks, glow of candles, snuggled down in a fleece, hot chocolate, book.
And finally take time to snooze and before we know it the shortest day will have come and gone : D.


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