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Have you ever had one of those weeks when it felt like everything was going wrong? Well I’ve had one..

But what it has made me realise in such a bizarre way is that – instead of our world getting bigger – we have actually made it so much smaller.

How have I come to this amazing conclusion?

Ok – so this was my dilemma.. I wanted to have more people visiting my website but had no idea how I could do it…

So what did I do? No – come one – think about it… What do you do now when you’re stuck on something? Yes – you’ve guessed it – I googled it!!

So one of the answers was to have a bigger social media presence… Well – those who know me know that I have this brick wall between me and social media…

But I figured that as google had said it – it MUST be right…

So I spent 5 days – yes 5 days – give or take sleeping (very little) eating (quite a bit) and seeing clients (15 hours) – trying to see if I could get to grips with how facebook worked and how it attracts people to my website…

So I spent near on 100 hours -nearly – on looking at a square screen…. Did I get anywhere??

Did I Hell!!!woman-

So what have I deduced from all of this apart from that I will never be a social media guru??

Well – to start with… isn’t it funny how we rely on other people to give us answers when, if we really sat down and thought about things – we could probably find the answers ourselves..

How, a problem which was actually very small – became a whole encompassing issue that took up my whole week and really affected my way of life… and made my world so small that I couldn’t see as far as the end of my laptop cable…

If this one issue – which really isn’t a massive issue – affected me like this – just think how people who stress and become anxious week in week out – feel and behave..

Having something so all consuming really DOES make your world small as you cannot focus on anything else.. Even the day to day aspects of existing become too difficult – How can I think of sleeping when I don’t know what to do next… or how can I go out when I’m still anxious about my website…

So my world was tiny….

BUT – as the week has unfolded – I realised that the answer to getting more clients doesn’t actually lie in facebook or any other social media… It doesn’t even lie inside my laptop….

It lies inside me…. What makes me the person that people want to come to… What can I offer them that no-one else can..

So my request to all of YOU reading this – the irony of it is that you have to read this from my website –  before you decide to “google” your issue or dilemma – stop, sit down, get a drink, a pen and a piece of paper and ask yourself the question…….. You will be amazed at what you really DO know…

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