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What a weekend!!

Firstly – I was awarded a Global Star Award at the Lifteffects Conference..

Now – you really MUST check out some of the speakers – WOW – they were amazing..

Made me wonder – am I REALLY in the same league as these people?

But then – this woman came over to me and said – I have heard about you and your wonderful work with women all over the world – I am so pleased to meet you!!! Well – to say that I felt like a film star – is an understatement!!!

OMG!!!!! So we chatted – and this is a woman who spends her time ensuring women all over the world – have access to education..

I was in awe of her..

But she was in awe of me!! It was AMAZING and so humbling to hear the stories and to speak to these people..

I’ll put a picture of the award up..


Then – just when I thought that the weekend couldn’t get any better – I saw one of my old clients.. She came to me for her eating issues. She was under 6 stone – had been in hospital more times than she’d had hot dinners. Was on the verge of going back in but really didn’t want to..

Anyway – I worked with her to sort out her attachment to food – it’s always emotions… and we sorted out her mindset as regards confidence, self belief etc..

Well – when I saw her – I could not believe it.. She was buying food!! And she looked amazing!!

I was so chuffed for her!! She walked up to me, put her basket down, hugged me, said thank you, we chatted a bit and walked away with tears in her eyes…

I just stood there totally in awe of her..

Now that for me is worth a million awards…..

Life is amazing..


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