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Self Hypnosis is a fantastic way for YOU to keep control of your mind

So why not come along to the Belle and Bear in Malmesbury on 22nd March and take part in this amazing workshop and go away with the best way of you feeling good, feeling calm and feeling in control.   During this workshop I will give you a hypnosis session so you will see and feel the results for yourself. Then we will do some self hypnosis so you can see how we can impact on our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We will also try this out on each other so you can see just how simple and effective this is. This workshop has ALWAYS been brilliant and everyone has gone away feeling so much more refreshed, relaxed and re-energised. Come along - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.. Fee - £25 Included in the fee is coffee or tea and cake!! Sorry - can't do booze until the session is finished!! Contact me either via text or email. There is only space for around 14 so get in quick!!!   Contact details - mobile 07854031523 Email - Denise@mindreset.co.uk    


Leigh Campbell

Self Hypnosis Workshop

This workshop was fantastic! I came away feeling really great! I was surprised that I actually took any of it in as I am real sceptic - but I did!

I do use the techniques and it has made a massive difference to simple everyday life

You really must go and experience it for yourself

lou (2)

Louise Thompson

Self Hypnosis Workshop

I have had a few sessions with Denise so I knew how hypnosis worked but doing it on myself was really good! I never really thought I would be able to get myself relaxed and focused - but I did! I loved every minute of this.. 


Denise Little