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I had a client who came to me around 18 months ago – he was suffering from serious stress and anxiety – not a happy bunny!! He had 10 sessions and really did go away a totally different man..

Anyway – I asked him if he would give me a testimonial and he said “No – but if I’m still feeling as good as I am in a year then I will definitely give you a testimonial..

This landed in my in box this morning…

” I spent 10’s of thousands on therapy over a period of 25 years – I could have bought an Aston Martin with the amount I spent! Then I met Denise – totally out of the blue… She said she could help me – I said she couldn’t….

I was wrong… After 10 – yes only 10 sessions – costing a total of £600 – I felt in control, happy and saw a future… After a year – I can honestly say I still feel the same…

If I had found Denise before I could have had a different life and an Aston Martin!!

For anyone looking for help – Denise is definitely the “GO TO” person”

Now – how’s that for praise!! He has now agreed that if he is still going good next year then he will do a video!!!

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