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It was the most watched event of 2012.

And no… it’s not the election.

I’m referring to the amazing record breaking
skydive from almost outer space, done by Felix

Hypnotherapy made it happen.

Turns out he had a “severe claustrophobic reaction”
to the special pressure suit the jump required.

In his words…

“Having this suit on my body and feeling it,
and the smell of the rubber, made me anxious”

He constantly had to fight the urge to tell the
team to get him out of the suit when training in a
pressure chamber.

His solution?

You are going to love this part…

He took a year off training, returned to his home
in Austria and used hypnotherapy to help him prepare
mentally for the challenge.

How awesome is that?

So if you think your phobia can’t be helped – then think again…….

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