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It’s been a funny old week! The weather hasn’t been too great and typical British weather – sun then rain then sun then rain – all in one day!! And my practice has been the same – lots of laughs then cries then laughs then cries!! But hey – it all turns good in the end!!

One thing that really did become obvious this week with some – not all I hasten to add – of my students who had come in for exam nerves…. Their parents were more anxious than they were!!

That got me thinking – do we put on our own behaviour to our children without realising it? If we do – what is the outcome?

One client came with her mum. Her mum was a bag of nerves – she quickly explained that her daughter was really anxious about her exams and that she needed to relax and focus… This was said at rate of noughts and without taking a breath!! The daughter – once her mum had gone – did say that her mum made her even more anxious than she truly felt…Don't let your children take on your behaviour


Another young boy came in with what can only be explained as serious “learned behaviour”.. This is when we take on a behaviour or a thought or emotion that has been given by someone else… Think of it.. you’re not born afraid of spiders.. but I can bet there was a time when you tried to pick one up and someone shouted “Don’t touch that!” or “Ewww yuck, they’re nasty!” – SO then the fear begins…

So maybe now when you think of your own behaviour – you will think how it impacts on your children…

Let them be themselves… And if you have any fears or anxieties – then YOU work on them before they impact on everyone else!!



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