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Exam Buster

It’s getting to THAT time of year..

Mothers all over the country are stocking up on KALMS, or Bachs Rescue Remedies, hoping these will work wonders.

Children younger than 14 have no idea what all the fuss is about and can’t understand why their mum and dad are telling them to “be kind to your sister/brother – they’re going through a hard time” when they’ve never said this before!

Parent’s are at the end of their tethers at listening to ” I can’t do it!” ” I’ll never pass these!” “I am so rubbish!” ” Oh I feel so sick at the thought of even opening a book never mind reading it!”

No matter how often you tell them they’ll be fine and just as long as they do their best etc etc… it makes no headway….

They still say the same – why do we have to sit exams??!!

Oh sweet Jesus!!!

Where’s the wine bottle?!!

But , you know what? We’ve all been there in some shape of form. Maybe at school, college, university, work – we have all been examined in some shape or form.

What makes it easier to get through – for everyone concerned is having children who can deal with it calmly and in control.

Once you get their mindset right, then the rest is a walk in the park.

I’m sure you all know someone who was so clever and yet screwed up at exam time. Why? Because they usually got so anxious, they freaked!!

There are some people who are physically sick before exams as the stress and anxiety really shows up in the physical way.

So – let this be the year that exam time in your household is calm, and controlled and a time of focus and excited anticipation.

How? I hear you cry!!

Book my fabulous 3 session exam buster programme – it sorts out the mindset and ensures every son/daughter goes into their exam room prepared mentally.

Success in exams is not just about how much knowledge you know but how you deal with mental pressure and let me help sort that one out!!

These sessions can be done face to face or online and by using the MP3’s, videos and eBook that make up the sessions.



Oh and just think how life will be when you don’t have the constant moans and groans, the tears and tantrums……..


Make that call today……  07854031523

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ONLY £195 for the 3 sessions…


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