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Effective Treatment To Overcome Fear Of Flying

  • Stop fear of flying
  • Faster more effective treatment
  • Freedom from fear of flying
  • A better quality of life
  • Want to find out more?

The benefits of choosing Mindreset to overcome Fear of Flying

With years of successfully treating fear of flying Mindreset helps more patients each year. Using safe, proven, effective methods that simply work. In the majority of cases patients can make significant improvements or overcome the fear. Typically in just a couple of appointments.

An ever increasing number of our clients recommend us to friends, family and colleagues. You don’t have to suffer any more. Let us help you overcome fear of flying.

  • Fast, effective treatment
  • Helping you overcome fear of flying for a better quality of life
  • Saving you time & money
  • Treatment without exposure therapy
  • Licensed hypnotherapists with years of experience
  • Private, confidential one to one treatment
  • Registered with the GHR & GHSC
  • FREE* 20 minute mini appointment to answer your questions- via phone or SKYPE

We see people from all walks of life. Over 65% of our patients coming as referrals from previous patients. So no matter who you are or where you come from you can be assured that we will do our best to help you. Treatment with us is confidential, helping you overcome fear of flying with an approach tailored to provide the best results.

Fear of flying symptoms

  • Feeling nervous, distressed, scared or panic at the thought of flying
  • Worrying about being shut in the plane or feeling claustrophobic
  • Spending the entire flight feeling anxious or distressed
  • Constantly thinking that something terrible might happen during the flight
  • Feeling a of lack of control because you’re not the one in charge of the flight
  • Worrying about noises the airplane makes
  • Dreading turbulence

If you experience any of the above you’ve got a fear of flying and know the real restrictions that it can put on your life choices, career and holiday options.

However there is good news, we can help you overcome fear of flying. With Advanced Hypnotherapy the majority of people really can make significant improvements or completely overcome fear of flying in just 1 or 2 appointments! Contact us for a chat and discover how we can help you overcome fear of flying.

What causes fear of flying?

Fear of flying can be caused by a number of different things. Many people come to us for help because they’ve had a bad experience flying. Or grew up seeing parents, siblings or friends being scared and developed a fear from that. Regardless of how your fear started it’s a learnt behavior and we can help you overcome the fear.

Almost invariably anxiety is one of the major factors that causes & sustains the fear. Thereby producing a ‘loop’ within the neurology that goes “anxiety = fear of flying = anxiety = fear of flying”, etc. You can get out of the anxiety loop & be free from fear of flying.

An effective approach that works

One of the many advantages to our approach is that unlike some other forms of treatment, we DO NOT use exposure therapy nor focus on analyzing the past.

Many doctors already consider the combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & NLP to be the faster and more effective treatment for getting over flying phobias.

We use safe, proven, highly effective methods to help you quickly overcome fear of flying. We know that people can change because we have already helped many other people become free from fear of flying.

Imagine how life’s going to be better after you’ve overcome Fear of Flying

What Our Clients Say

My freedom from claustrophobia has finally given me the prospect of being able to travel & explore new places, I’m finally free from the stress, fear & anxiety which had accompanied me for so many years.
  • Hi Denise,WOW, what can I say! You have truly helped Emily conquer her phobia, which would have of effected her for the rest of her life. She has now been on a plane and loved every minute of it! Many thanks.
    Sam (Emily’s father)
  • Dear Denise,Thank you a thousand times for giving me my life back. The best thing I ever did was pick up that phone & dial your number. Thank you so much.
  • What can I say? Previously, going to visit my brother  was just an impossible dream due to the fear & panic of what may happen. I lost the fear & now feel amazing!! Flights booked!! Have done a few short ones and it was so easy!!! Why didn’t I come to you earlier?? Thank you so much for giving me a new life.

You probably already know that flying is statistically the safest form of transport. You’ve possibly been on the BA or Virgin Fear of Flying course. But knowing how it works isn’t enough to stop your fear, is it?

However there’s an effective way to stop fear of flying that’s already helped many people. Want to know how to overcome fear of flying?

Typically fear of flying is an unconscious response. Which is why it feels like it’s happening to you. However because it’s a learnt response the fear can be stopped.

Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias that our clinics treat. And overcoming your fear is actually easier than you think.

Many of the people that come to us for help have already tried other forms of treatment that didn’t work for them. At Mindreset we use advanced hypnotherapy methods that work more effectively & have a higher success rate.

With years of experience in Flying Phobia Treatment our therapists help more people overcome fear of flying so you can feel better sooner. Contact us today for a consultation to find out more about how we can help

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