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The Coach House, Cross Hayes, Malmesbury SN169DF



On this page, you can find the fees for the different types of therapy.

The first step is a free phone call to discuss your need, and identify the most appropriate type of therapy for you”


Session Fees
  • Hypnotherapy – Initial Session (90 minutes) £75
  • Hypnotherapy session (60 Minutes) £75 
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy (2 hours plus recording) £225
  • Telephone/Skype/Zoom Session (60 minutes) £75


  • Average number of  sessions needed 
    Phobias 3 sessions (occasionally longer for more complex cases)
    Work/life Stress  4-6 sessions
    Panic Attacks usually 4-6 sessions (deeper work may be needed)
    Hypnoanalysis 8-12 sessions

All other issues, number of sessions dependant on individual needs.


Please note – I use other therapies within my sessions – CBT, NLP, BWRT and counselling as I strongly believe one size doesn’t fit all..