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So how do you find someone who will help You? Who will give you what you want and need?

I remember a client who had “been in therapy” for 30 years and had seen every type of therapist under the sun.. She had some real funny stories to tell about her time with each one… The sad thing was that none of them worked for her as she was still “having therapy”…. Well that was then,,,,, Now – she sees me once a quarter… and I saved her thousands!!

Let me tell you one of her funny experiences…

She had called up a therapist and the therapist told her how good she was and how she would be the ONE to sort out her issues – Fab! She thought… Cost per session – take note – this was around 15 years ago – £80 per session..

Session one was spent listening to the therapist telling her how amazing she was and how after spending around 10 years in therapy herself – she had accepted all her failings…

Mmmm – session 2 was spent with the therapist eating her lunch and listening to Jodie Mitchell… Can you tell where this is going???

Anyway – this went on for 6months… My client moved house..


Lady who is happy with life

So how do YOU find the best therapist for YOU?

  1. Ask other people.  I know that sometimes you don’t want to let people know what you’re doing but people buy people and the best place to start is to find out who they go to – and why..  I have clients from all over the country as they have been referred by others or I’ve met them on holiday! And they WILL travel as they know we work well together and they see and feel a difference.
  2. Search on trusted websites… There are loads of association websites who list therapists and their specialities. So look on there.. It’s not always the nearest therapist who is the best for you but if getting there is an issue – see if they do skype.. I do loads of skype sessions as it works the same.. You will be amazed at where they are done – and time difference is nothing!!
  3. Call them. Good therapists WILL get back to you. You want to feel at ease and be able to talk to them.. If you can’t talk to them on the phone – how do you think you will talk to them face to face??
  4. Make sure they are specialists in their area. If you’re depressed then find someone who specialises in this. If you have anxiety – then find someone who has a background in this.. Weightloss? Same – find the expert.. That way you WILL get the best. What’s the quote? Jack of all trades, master of none? So a therapist who does it all – is spreading themselves too thin.. You want the BEST!!

So – this is my quick list to finding the best for YOU..

My expertise is in anxiety and stress… So DON’T come to me if you want to stop smoking….


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