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Get Over It

We all need encouragement. Sometimes sympathy. Occasionally, a helping hand, but sometimes, frankly, we just need a push!

We need to face facts, and not the ones we have so carefully crafted about our situation to keep us the victim!

Maybe we need a little push.
Maybe we need a big push.
Maybe we need to get over ourselves!

We have all experienced fear about something.
Most things are not easy in the beginning.
We have all been disappointed and discouraged.

We need to change our focus.

We need to forget what we cannot change and work on things we can. We can’t live life backward. If you find yourself stuck in the past, start packing your bags. You have stayed too long. You need a push to get out and get over it.

You need to realize you can start moving forward even when you are fearful.
You can do hard things. (Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!)
You can overcome disappointment and discouragement, but seldom by sitting still.

If not having the whole picture is keeping you standing still, go ahead and take that first step. The first step will lead you to the next. We seldom get all the answers before we start. Whatever is keeping you in the past, whatever is keeping you stuck, and whatever is keeping you from being, and doing, all you can – get over it.

This is your encouragement to get the help you need. Read the book. Listen to the CD. Ask a friend to make a pact. Get a buddy to do this together. Make the call.

This is your push. Get over it. Start today. Show them. Show yourself! Yes, you can.

Let’s Get it Done!

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