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Most people are full of good intentions when it’s a new year. People often want to lose weight, quit smoking, or earn more money. However when it comes to action, all too often this enthusiasm fizzles out. Why is it so difficult to make a change in your life, even when you really want this change?

You haven’t told your subconscious mind

We basically have 2 sides to our mind that we use to make decisions. It is the conscious and the subconscious. Before I move on, I’ll give you a brief explanation of them both.

Conscious mind – Is the part responsible for your logical reasoning. It is also the voice in your head when you speak to yourself. The conscious mind is the part of your mind that you use for doing maths and solving logical problems.

Subconscious mind – Is the part responsible for your automatic flowing thoughts. It’s what lets you catch a ball without thinking, or breathe with no conscious thought. The subconscious mind also controls your automatic fears, habits and urges. Your subconscious mind might for example trigger an automatic fear response when you see a spider, even though your conscious mind knows it’s not dangerous.

Caught in two minds temptation

The problem when someone wants to make a change is that often only their conscious mind knows this. This catches them literally in two minds. The conscious mind wants to quit smoking, eat less or exercise more, but the subconscious mind wants to continue. The subconscious mind likes pleasure, and often doesn’t understand why you’d want to deny yourself.

When caught in two minds, there’s only going to be one winner. Your subconscious mind keeps sending automatic urges, over and over again, gnawing inside your mind. Irresistible cravings can take over almost every thought in your head. Eventually most people crack and succumb to these urges.


A big part of a hypnotherapist’s work is telling someone’s subconscious mind what they consciously want. A patient may wish to quit smoking (on a conscious level). I will tell their subconscious mind of their conscious desire to quit smoking. I will also explain why this is a positive thing.

I do this by guiding them into a hypnotic trance, which is a daydream state of mind (not how it’s portrayed in the media). This tunes down the conscious mind, allowing me to more easily talk to their conscious mind.

The subconscious mind needs to be made aware that you want to quit smoking, and that smoking is a bad thing. Once your conscious and subconscious minds are in harmony, it makes achieve your goals far easier.


How to help yourself

A great way to tell your subconscious mind what you want is by visualisation. You must visualise the positive end of what you want. For instance if you want to lose weight, don’t visualise yourself starving and doing gruelling exercises. This won’t entice your subconscious mind to cooperate. Instead visualise yourself at your ideal weight, as clearly as you can, feeling all the nice benefits of this. Looking great, attracting others etc. It is not essential, but if you can learn self hypnosis, then this helps make the visualisation brighter and bolder. Then the message is more likely to be understood by your subconscious mind.

To enhance this further, it is a great idea to leave reminders of your goals. You may have a goal that you want to make more money to buy a luxury house. First visualise this house of your dreams as if you already own it. It’s a good idea to do this once a day for the first week, then about once a week after that. (This is just a general rule of thumb. You may want to do more.)

Once you have visualised this, get pictures of what you want your house to look like and leave them in prominent places. If you work at your computer, then it is great place to leave a picture. This will help inspire you when you work.

Final thoughts

In order to stick to your new years resolutions, you must have both your conscious and subconscious minds working towards the same goal. Any conflict between the two is likely to see your subconscious win in the end, and you go back to your old behaviours.

Find a way to get your subconscious mind to want the same thing as your conscious mind, and it is far easier to make any lasting change.

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