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As I write this on a cold Monday morning in April, part of my thinking maybe just wanting the summer here sooner so we can 

Fear of flying

enjoy the sunshine and the warmth. This is also the time of year when our minds begin to think about our summer holidays if we haven’t already made plans ahead of time. Two areas that become very significant during this decision process can cause a lot of anxiety for some people.

Firstly, the number of people who suffer from a fear or phobia of flying. This causes many to avoid the opportunity of going abroad for a holiday or alternatively just creates massive discomfort on the lead up to your holiday during the holiday when thinking of the return journey. We are not born with this fear or phobia, one way or another we learn the process. The good news, however, is that we don’t have to live with it. Using a combination of hypnotherapy and the NLP fast phobia cure this can normally be resolved in only one or two sessions allowing you to get the full enjoyment fof your holiday.

The other area that causes anxiety is the desire to lose weight before going on holiday. It is perfectly natural that we all want to look our best lying on a beach on a sunny day. We just come out of winter where it is natural that we put on a few extra pounds to help us cope with the cold  weather. Now is the time to start the preparation to allow us to look your best when on holiday. At Mindreset we have a number of options to help you in achieving the weight loss you require including a weightloss programme, rapid transformational therapy. You will find more information about this on this website. We are also offering a discount for a limited period.So why not consider it now and take advantage of the best deal we can offer.

At Mindreset

we hope you’ll have a wonderful summer and are happy to help in any way that we can including help with stopping smoking, improving confidence, fears and much much more.

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