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I was watching the old “Rocky” movies the other night. Why? Because every now and again – it’s good to have a bit of cheesiness in your life!!

Anyway – theres a bit in the movie when Rocky is in front of the mirror with Adonis – (even the name is cheesy!!) and he tells him to look in the mirror and says: “See that guy there? He’s your toughest opponent. It’s the same in life as it is in boxing”

So – look in Your mirror – what do YOU see?

Do you see self-doubt?

Do you see fear?

Do you see lack?

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Let this be the year that You rid Yourself of Your inner demons and grab the unfailing belief in Yourself…

The only person who can defeat You is You…

Yes there will be time when it’s tough – but keep looking in the mirror and make every punch count…

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