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This is a blog that comes straight from my little heart..

I am rather sick today – had a bad weekend and still a bit poorly BUT it doesn’t stop me from sitting thinking about where I want my life to go, what I want to achieve and how many people I want to have the pleasure of meeting, helping with their lives, their issues, their journeys..

It then occurred to me that our biggest dilemma is How do we do what’s best for us when we have this “naughty child” in our head telling us we will never do it, we will never achieve it?

Well – here is my reasoning..

That naughty child has been put there by everyone else – your family, teachers, friends, the environment, TV, magazines – you name it – it has something in your child..

Then what happens is that when we think of something we are going to do – this naughty child comes alive and says – “Don’t be stupid – you can’t do that – do this instead” or “Why are you even thinking you can do that? You are so not that smart!” or even ” You will never do it”

There are loads of these moments in each and everyday.. So what do we do?

Well – as you would with a naughty child – put it on the naughty step and tell it ti stay there until it as something good to say about you..

In other words – take control of that voice in your head and tell it that YOU are in control and YOU know whats best for you – not the voice…

So – today – my “naughty child” was busy saying – Denise – you will never have the impact you want…

But I am saying – Sod you!! I can and I WILL have the impact on others as I am fantastic at what I do and I love seeing others develop and flourish…

So – world – look out as here I come – BIGGER and BETTER!!

So – what’s your voice saying and how will you control it??


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