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Do you ever stop to think just how much influence you really have over your children’s behaviour and perceptions?

Well – this is a story about a client who never really thought about it until things got “real!”

Sally came to see me as she was overeating, drinking, and self harming… She was in severe denial that she had any kind of issue until her boss dragged her in one lunchtime and told her to go home as she smelled of alcohol and looked a mess!!

So she came to see me…

Now things were going fine – but one thing she never discussed was her self harming.. I never even knew she did it… Until one day she came in looking seriously distraught..

She had been really good with her eating and her drinking – thought it was all going good.. Until she walked into her bathroom and saw her 7 year old daughter with a Stanley knife – cutting her stomach!!

All the pain, hurt, anger – you name it – she felt it! She was so upset, her daughter’s response was – well I wanted to see what it was like as I see you do it…

Now up until then – Sally had never given it a thought…

So I want you to now think – think of what you do and how it impacts on others… Sometimes we think people don’t see but they do..

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