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Is the Internet Killing Social Interaction?


So – admit it – how many of you have bought online products – like an online course or an mp3 or a book – and never finished them – or even worse – never ever opened them???

I have – if I counted the amount of money I’ve spent on online course, ebooks, vlogs, blogs, video training…. etc etc – then I’m sure I’d have enough for a fab holiday somewhere… and I wouldn’t forget it!!

So why do we do it? why do we buy these things?

There’s this big claim that we now live in a world where people have less time and want to do things in their own time at their own pace..

For some stuff – I get it – I do… But other stuff – no I do not…

Now – why am I on my soap box about this? Well I’ll tell you..

I see loads of posts about how people are making money – “even as I sleep” – well fair play to them.. BUT some of the stuff that we buy – in the hope that it will give us what we want – is absolute crap!!

We are just numbers – dollars, pounds, to them. What they sell is generic – we all get the same… But does it work??

I’ll give you an example – there was an advert about some therapy training – online – using videos and some pdf’s.. The advert was a good sales pitch – so I bought it…

It was shite!!!!

What it was – was recordings of workshops that had taken place. The recording was rubbish as you couldn’t really see the screen and the whiteboard, the handouts were nicked from somewhere and all it was was an hour of him chatting to the people in the workshop – and you couldn’t hear what they were saying!!!

So -did I email and ask for my money back? No..

I would’ve done it if I had bought something dodgy from a shop – but online stuff – we very rarely bother.. After all – we are just a number to the seller.

Another big question is – DO they really work? Are they just as good as 1to1 sessions?

Nope, never, never ever…

When you’re face to face – the dynamics are different, there is interaction, the energy is different, the session is based around YOU… YOU are NOT a number, a pound sign, a dollar sign…

YOU matter.. so the session is there to give YOU what you want…

So the social interaction is there – 2 people – face to face – no recording, no pdf’s or mp3’s – just 2 people – MASSIVE difference..

Why am I going on about this?

I’ll tell you –

I’m doing this 40 day challenge to go live on facebook everyday – its going fab!! Now I go on live, do my thing, post it and that’s that.. I don;t review it, delete it, edit it.. It’s just done..

I got sent a couple of messages asking if I do online courses… My answer was simple…

No I don’t do online courses as I love working with people. Face to face, maybe over skype, but so I can see them and see their behaviour, their emotions, their thoughts, so whatever we do in the session – it’s geared around THEM.. It’s geared around what they want and need… So then the results are even more amazing and much much more effective and the transformation even more profound..

I’m not in this game to see people as numbers – I’m in this to change peoples lives..

And, to be honest – if you want an online fix – go onto Youtube and type in “How to….” You’d be amazed at what is there and it’s free!!


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