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How exciting is this??

I have won an award!!

I am totally shocked, stunned and so chuffed!!

This is what the email said

These are awarded to those individuals that have made a real difference by helping others become great. You have left an environment and those within it noticeably better than how you met it. For this, we want to thank you for shining the light for others to follow and not stumble. 

No amount of recognition or award can repay you for what you do for others but we just want to celebrate you and appreciate you for what you do.
You were  nominated by the very people who’s lives you have touched ,this is why this is a very special award- this is why you are very special; a star. True stars are those extraordinary ladies that have helped others to stand while standing.


WOW!!! Thank you…..

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  1. Kelly Fell on April 11, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Congratulations Denise. You deserve it!

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