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Are you a coach?

Are you part of a sports club?

Isn’t it time we were ALL aware of the symptoms of mental illnesses?

We don’t all need to be able to treat but we would all benefit from being aware of the symptoms so we can then signpost young people to get the right help.


So – let me tell you about our workshop – briefly…


These were born through the tragic death of Josh Hammond.  Watch the video below, listen to the radio programme… I need say no more


We would like every coach from every sport to come on our workshop – why? Because we truly believe that if we reach the young people at a young age then we can stop the issues they may have later on in life.

We all know someone who has anxiety or depression and we all see the effects of this – so why not sort this earlier? Why not take away the stigma and provide the awareness and support at a younger age?

Why not help us get the message out there…


So – what next? If you would like to help us get funding to provide these workshops, or if your club or coaches would like to come along and you have the funding available – then contact either myself or Paul Harvey and we will happily chat more


It’s now time to stop this and don’t let any family go through what Kerry and her family have gone through…