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Mother with sad expression holding newbornAre you suffering from any of these?

Low mood.Tends to be worse first thing in the morning, but not always.

Not really enjoying anything.

Lack of interest in yourself and your baby.

Lack of motivation to do anything.

Often feeling tearful.

Feeling irritable a lot of the time.

Feelings of guilt, rejection, or not being good enough.

Poor concentration (like forgetting or losing things) or being unable to make a decision about things.

Feeling unable to cope with anything.


Don’t suffer in silence……

Let me help you…

Roughly 1 in 10 new mums suffer from post natal depression – so you are not alone..

By using different techniques and therapies – I will help you get through this difficult time so you can enjoy both Your life and your babies life..

Call me or email me..

NCT members are entitled to a discount – so please ensure you let me know if you are a member.

This is YOUR life – so start living….

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