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Rapid Mindreset

What can you achieve in 3 weeks?

21 days?

504 hours?

30240 seconds?


I don’t know about you…

But when someone offers me a 12-Week ‘personal development’ program, I get a little queazy.

Because if it takes 12 weeks (and umpteen workbooks and cheatsheets and videos) to define my values, clarify my goals, and make a plan to pursue them…

Well that sounds… exhausting.

And I may just go back to shopping at Amazon or watching Ted Talks on You Tube.

But if someone makes me a smaller promise that still makes a BIG IMPACT on my current situation…

And it looks like it’s gonna be simple, even fun, to get the thing done and dusted…

Well, I’m more likely to say ‘YES’ to that.

That’s why I created my 3 weeks, 21 day Rapid Mindreset Programme

For 21 days – you have me..

  • An initial chat to discuss what your issues are and what you want to change
  • Then a 1to1 session, either online or face to face – where we we use some amazing tools and techniques  to clear any blocks and focus on change
  • For the next 7 days – you have my support either via text, whatsapp – to help you embed these changes and an MP3 to listen to
  • Another 1to1 session  working on continuing change- we keep your mindset clear and move you forward towards your goals
  • For another 7 days you have my support either via text, whatsapp – to help you embed these changes and an MP3 to listen to, plus tasks for you to do – change takes work – it doesn’t happen if you sit on your backside!
  • A final 1to1 session cementing it all in your mindset… You will see the changes and understand how your mindset works and how you keep that control..
  • Final 7 days  – I will be there to help and support you so you can enjoy the life transforming benefits of this fast and effective programme..


For just £375  you  get this amazing help and support to create the life you want



You only get one life and it’s ok to enjoy every moment of it.

Just imagine, no more inner critic, no more worry, no more self-doubt or overthinking.

Just you, full of confidence, living the life you want.

Sound good?

Just click the link  and make the first move to having that life you truly deserve.

Please note -this programme is recommended for mild stress and anxiety .

In some cases I would recommend more than 3 sessions. This will be assessed between 1st and 2nd session