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Big 3 Ways To Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety


As one of the top fears, public speaking and business presenting can trigger anxiety, so much so that it keeps us awake night after night and seriously affects our personal and professional achievement.

This affects people from all walks of life including boardroom directors, senior managers, middle junior managers, and professionals for whom are required from time to time to deliver a business presentation or address an audience in some other form.

So how does hypnosis for public speaking help?

And how can hypnosis for business presenting help ensure that you deliver a solid professional performance?

THE BIG 3…To Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety

There are three key ways in which hypnosis will help you reduce anxiety when public speaking or business presenting which are namely:-

1. Helping you to feel more composed and self assured.

2. Increasing your self confidence so that your delivery is more natural.

3. Conditioning your mind so that you release positive verbal and non verbal behaviours when presenting.

Hypnosis For Public Speaking And Business Presenting

When working with clients I like to take time to explain how clinical hypnosis will help.

However, in addition to the hypnosis, a good practitioner will coach your presenting performance.

Working with a client I use a combination of clinical hypnosis and coaching to help reduce the anxiety as follows:-

1. Dissociating mentally the anxiety ‘trigger’ aligned to public speaking and presenting.

2. Driving strong beliefs into the sub conscious mind so that self confidence is elevated in relationship to public speaking.

3. Coaching the confidence so free up the flow of verbal and non verbal communication whilst delivering speech, presentation or discussion.

What To Do Right Now…

The first step is to begin changing your perception of self. The anxiety is often triggered because we mentally set ourselves up negatively. Perception is reality so let go of negative perceptions and reframe them.

As a former boardroom director I understand the challenge presenting may bring. The positive news is that your mind can be reprogrammed to manage the anxiety much better. That is where hypnosis scores best.

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