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I Now Tell Myself To ‘Fat Off’


Around a year ago I weighed more than 24 stone, wore size 26/28 clothes, was miserable and felt worthless. I am now some 10 stone lighter, size 16 and have more confidence in myself than I have ever had. I worked with the amazing Steve Miller, using his Authoritarian and Motivational weight loss hypnosis model and an amazing thing happened, weight loss was suddenly easy. Easy to lose weight, how is that possible, it’s difficult isn’t it? I spend my adult life believing it was, I had the diet mentality that it was all about the food, I’d moan alongside my friends about how impossible it was and how I was just too weak to do anything about it. I gave all the power to the food! When you think rationally about it, how ridiculous is that? Food is food. It doesn’t have a personality or a mind so it can’t control you.

It is not about the food

Using strong, motivational coaching and weight loss hypnosis Steve made me realise I couldn’t just be passive in my transformation. Of course I had to be mindful of what I ate but implementing the 80/20 plan was simple. More importantly though, I learned to calm the negative voices in my head telling me I wasn’t worth it. Several months on and I was feeling great, I could buy normal size clothes, was fitter and happier than I’d been in about 25 years. So the theory was embedded now and I’d got it. I knew what to do. No problem. But, complacency set in. I still had several stones I wanted to shift, but I was suddenly struggling. Some of my old bad habits resurfaced, I allowed myself to drift, faffed about, making excuses and inevitably failing to lose any more weight. I kept telling myself I was fine, I could pull it back, I just needed to stop eating this, start doing that, get back to where I was when it had felt so easy. I was concentrating on what I was eating and beginning to panic that perhaps after all, this wasn’t so different to my losing weight in the past. I started to believe I’d been fooling myself.

Have a (positive) word with yourself

This last weekend though I attended a weight loss workshop hosted by Steve Miller, assisted by a fellow board member of the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists, Wayne Dharana. The workshop usefully reiterated what I’d already learned about the 80/20 eating plan, personal responsibility and believing in your own self worth. The day was full of helpful practical strategies and much laughter. The energy in the room from the two presenters was contagious. The delegates were buzzing, but what did I personally learn? Simple really, I had allowed myself to start thinking that it was all about what I was eating. It was all about the food again, giving the food some power over me. How had that happened? In short, it happened because I had allowed my self-talk to become negative again. Steve and Wayne emphasised how critical it is to crush the self defeating demons in our heads. That the language we use is so important.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Includes The Language You Use

If you tell yourself you don’t deserve to feel attractive, that you don’t have the strength to be the best you can be, if you allow the demons to tell you that your success is not deserved and you are destined to relapse and get fat again, then guess what, you probably will. You are what you tell yourself you are. So, it isn’t about the food. It is so much more about what I tell myself. I know I have to monitor my inner dialogue and have positive conversations with myself. So I’d just like to say that I would recommend anyone who has a chance to attend a live workshop by any of the weight loss hypnotherapists of the AWLH to grab the opportunity. I now feel revived and refreshed and ready for the fabulous future me once more.

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