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Hi All!!
I was just reminiscing about things that have happened in my life and one thing that really sticks in my mind was being pregnant with twins...
The weeks leading up to the birth were simply crazy. I was so big. It was all a waiting game... If you're a mother and happened to be have been overdue even one day, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not - oh. You have no idea!! 🙂
Apart from being grumpy and hating the question "Any news?" with a vengeance, I somehow switched personalities.
Tidying up drawers, decluttering and washing floors were sooo attractive!!
Doing anything other than work became the norm!!! 🙂
So yes. Procrastinating about doing things became my new normal.
Luckily, that only lasted a few weeks. The moment my boys was born, I got the fire in my belly back and now I look at this time with fondness in my heart. It was oh-so-worth it!
But you know when else I was procrastinating a lot?
When I started my business.
The cycle of overworking - procrastination - overworking - procrastination practically haunted me. (With very little results, I should add!)
But here's the thing with procrastination. We can only do it when we lack alignment.
When we feel passionate about what we do, when we 100% believe in our why and our goals, when we are clear about what to do to make the impact we want, we simply lose the ability to put things off.
Instead? We MOVE.
We create results, impact, miracles.
We grow.
So you think you need accountability to get results?
You don't.
Certainly not as much as you need alignment. A clear plan. Confidence.
Inspiration is the remedy for any form of procrastination. Period.
So - stop...
Take a moment and breath...
Then focus on getting clear on your goals... Focus on the ways you want to make these dreams reality...
Write it down, take action
See the results.....
I've been there....

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