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Get over it!

  Get Over It We all need encouragement. Sometimes sympathy. Occasionally, a helping hand, but sometimes, frankly, we just need a push! We need to face facts, and not the ones we have so carefully crafted about our situation to keep us the victim! Maybe we need a little push. Maybe we need a big…

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How therapy actually works

How Therapy Actually Works and 5 Myths about Therapy Debunked   Have you ever had these thoughts about therapy? • Therapy doesn’t work. • Therapy is not for me–it’s for people with serious mental health issues. • Talking to someone about my problems won’t help me. • I can fix the problem myself. • Once…

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How to cope with exam stress and create a mind-set for success

Are you preparing for exams? Are you feeling stressed? Maybe you’re supporting someone whilst they get ready for theirs, and you want to be able to help them feel less stressed.  Here’s how to create a mind-set for success ready to approach exams with a cool, calm state of mind.   It can be nerve-racking…

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Don’t Let Exams Stress You Out..

It’s THAT time of year – yes – exam time.. BUT – getting stressed and anxious is not the way to go..   Read this post from the Guardian and take on board the advice… https://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/2016/apr/19/students-revise-exams-revision-science If You Want More 1to1 Help – Give Me A Call And We Will Sort Out Your Stress Once…

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Stop The Procrastinating!!

Hi All!! I was just reminiscing about things that have happened in my life and one thing that really sticks in my mind was being pregnant with twins… The weeks leading up to the birth were simply crazy. I was so big. It was all a waiting game… If you’re a mother and happened to…

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What Makes a Good Hypnotherapist?

Trying to find a Hypnotherapist? So – what do you look for?? Here are some pointers ♦Do they listen? They may hear what you are saying BUT are the LISTENING? Do they show  that they understand your issues ? Do you feel that they are asking the right questions and giving YOU the chance the…

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How to feel better when you are in a dark place

Are you in a dark place and feel there is no way out? Have you made bad decisions you feel are irreversible? Are you at a stage where you have given hope and faith in yourself or others? If you are experiencing a dark and troublesome time in your life and feel there is no…

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Are workshops really value for money??

So – come on – be honest – how many of you have gone on a days workshop and came away feeling so pumped up, motivated and ready to take on the world……. And then forget all about it the next day when you’re back at work and reality kicks in??? The handouts, leaflets, notes…

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Believe In You..

In this article, you will find a piece of information that may unlock some hidden potential within you. While it’s no secret, it’s likely to be so simple that couldn’t believe you hadn’t thought of it before. In fact, you may already know all about it! For starters, think about how far you’ve come in…

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What Brain Do You Use??

Are you doing it 3 ways? Scientific research has identified your head, heart and gut areas all have the intellectual ability as your brain ! So – when you’re going through life – which “brain” has the most impact? Or should they all have an input?? Mmmmm – so how do we know which one works when??…

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Are you a Duck or an Eagle??

I’m going to be an eagle, are you? This story has been shared . A powerful 2 minute read about how a small shift in mindset can change your life. … °°° I was waiting in line for a ride at the airport. When a cab pulled up, the first thing I noticed was that the…

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What is laughter?

  Scientists say that laughter is good for body and mind: Over the past two decades, extensive research has been conducted all over the world and it has been proved that laughter has a positive impact on various systems of the body. Laughter helps to remove the negative effects of STRESS, which is the number…

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