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How therapy actually works

How Therapy Actually Works and 5 Myths about Therapy Debunked   Have you ever had these thoughts about therapy? • Therapy doesn’t work. • Therapy is not for me–it’s for people with serious mental health issues. • Talking to someone about my problems won’t help me. • I can fix the problem myself. • Once…

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How we can use stories to relate to our own lives..

Sometimes it takes a picture or a story to get us to stop and think about our own lives and what we are thinking, feeling and doing… This is one of them.. There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Every year he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a…

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My A-Z of feeling good

My A-Z of things that make me sing!!!   So Christmas is over – the weather is freezing and we are all feeling yuck!! So I reckon this is THE time of year when we really should focus on stuff that we enjoy and stuff that gives us that fab feeling inside.. So here is…

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Is the Internet Killing Social Interaction???

Is the Internet Killing Social Interaction?   So – admit it – how many of you have bought online products – like an online course or an mp3 or a book – and never finished them – or even worse – never ever opened them??? I have – if I counted the amount of money…

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A Weekend of Change

What a weekend!! Firstly – I was awarded a Global Star Award at the Lifteffects Conference.. Now – you really MUST check out some of the speakers – WOW – they were amazing.. Made me wonder – am I REALLY in the same league as these people? But then – this woman came over to…

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Is your mind a warehouse??

Imagine if you can, for a moment, a warehouse. A huge warehouse. And now fill this warehouse with row after row of filing cabinets. Why am I asking you to imagine a warehouse full of filing cabinets? This is the warehouse of your mind. And in this warehouse we store all of our memories and behavioural…

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How I can Help YOU Pass Your Driving Test..

  I regularly get consulted with people wanting help in overcoming driving test nerves. Types of nerves can range from an overall feeling of anxiety about the test in general, to more specific nerves related to a particular manoeuvre required during the test. The vast majority of people I see are more than capable drivers…

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Diary Of A Client

Here is the diary of one of my new clients… Makes fantastic reading!!!   Hypnotherapy Day 1 ❤️ Woke up feeling amazing! Jumped straight into the shower (no slouching in pjs until lunch!) and put on a new outfit (that’s been sat in the wardrobe for 6 weeks!). Did some chores and now sitting down…

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What Will This Month Hold For YOU

So having been a very busy month in January and dealing with so much anxiety here are a few thoughts.. To be happy and have peace of mind you must do the work.. no one said it was always going to be easy but the rewards are far higher and waiting for you … 1.…

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5 Steps to Avoid Feeling S.A.D This Winter

Ever wondered why some people just LOVE winter and the dark nights. Are you fed up of getting SAD every year? Do you want to feel energised? In just a few steps you will feel ready for the next months and even look forward to it!!! How good will that be? It’s coming isn’t it? That…

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What Brain Do You Use??

Are you doing it 3 ways? Scientific research has identified your head, heart and gut areas all have the intellectual ability as your brain ! So – when you’re going through life – which “brain” has the most impact? Or should they all have an input?? Mmmmm – so how do we know which one works when??…

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Ten tips on how to get the best from your body language.

Your ability to use your own body language to emphasize your chosen words is paramount in all human interactions…so here’s my Top Ten Tips on how to make the most of it! 1. Eye Contact Eye contact is one of the most important aspects of dealing with others, especially people we’ve just met. Maintaining good…

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