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How therapy actually works

How Therapy Actually Works and 5 Myths about Therapy Debunked   Have you ever had these thoughts about therapy? • Therapy doesn’t work. • Therapy is not for me–it’s for people with serious mental health issues. • Talking to someone about my problems won’t help me. • I can fix the problem myself. • Once…

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Is the Internet Killing Social Interaction???

Is the Internet Killing Social Interaction?   So – admit it – how many of you have bought online products – like an online course or an mp3 or a book – and never finished them – or even worse – never ever opened them??? I have – if I counted the amount of money…

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A Weekend of Change

What a weekend!! Firstly – I was awarded a Global Star Award at the Lifteffects Conference.. Now – you really MUST check out some of the speakers – WOW – they were amazing.. Made me wonder – am I REALLY in the same league as these people? But then – this woman came over to…

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I’ve Won An Award!!!!

How exciting is this?? I have won an award!! I am totally shocked, stunned and so chuffed!! This is what the email said These are awarded to those individuals that have made a real difference by helping others become great. You have left an environment and those within it noticeably better than how you met…

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What Makes a Good Hypnotherapist?

Trying to find a Hypnotherapist? So – what do you look for?? Here are some pointers ♦Do they listen? They may hear what you are saying BUT are the LISTENING? Do they show  that they understand your issues ? Do you feel that they are asking the right questions and giving YOU the chance the…

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How to Reduce Your Fear of Public Speaking

Big 3 Ways To Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety As one of the top fears, public speaking and business presenting can trigger anxiety, so much so that it keeps us awake night after night and seriously affects our personal and professional achievement. This affects people from all walks of life including boardroom directors, senior managers, middle…

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Are you making these mistakes?

The Three Mistakes People Make in Trying to Think Positively In my work as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I will often talk to my customers about the importance of positive thinking. We know by thinking positively we start utilising different areas of the brain to those we use when we are thinking negatively. Those same areas…

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How Much of Your Behaviour Do You Put On Your Children?

It’s been a funny old week! The weather hasn’t been too great and typical British weather – sun then rain then sun then rain – all in one day!! And my practice has been the same – lots of laughs then cries then laughs then cries!! But hey – it all turns good in the…

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How to Control Your Anger with Hypnotherapy

  Controlling anger with hypnotherapy could be the answer you are looking for. People often experience an array of emotions throughout the course of each day, including anger, and for most people they will be able to control their feelings and keep things at bay. However, for many individuals, controlling their anger is often rather difficult, causing…

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Could Hypnotherapy Work For Me?

  Would hypnotherapy actually work for me?   Hypnotherapy is scoffed at more than a few – the concept of a swinging watch and the saying ‘you are feeling sleepy… very sleepy’ is sadly what springs to mind whenever people hear the word ‘hypnosis’. Either that or they associate it with being made to do…

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Best testimonial – Ever???

I had a client who came to me around 18 months ago – he was suffering from serious stress and anxiety – not a happy bunny!! He had 10 sessions and really did go away a totally different man.. Anyway – I asked him if he would give me a testimonial and he said “No…

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Depression – what is it??

Depression is a disorder that can strike anyone at any time. Depression’s strength lies in its ability to make you feel that nothing you do will ever bring back a sense of peace and satisfaction in your life. When a relationship ends painfully, you may tell yourself “I will never fall in love again”. When…

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