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The Coach House, Cross Hayes, Malmesbury SN169DF


‘Just a little note to say a HUGE thank you for fitting me in and having a tremendous impact on my experience of flying. Both flights went really really well! I am astounded! I had a couple of nervous wobbly moments but these were miniscule and brief compared to before. The experience was completely transformed! I can’t thank you enough. I am going to keep practising and doing the exercises/visualisations and so forth. Keep the bravery muscle tight!

I was petrified of flying for 8 years. I would have nightmares, paranoid thoughts, and steadily increasing anxiety and panic attacks in the days leading up to the flights. The flights themselves were truly horrid with constant tears and rapid cycling panic attacks throughout. I have tried talking therapy, valium, booze, and fear of flying course run by an airline. All of these certainly helped but the hypnotherapy was transformative. I still took valium but the experience was unrecognizable from previous flights (where I had also taken valium). The hypnotherapy allowed me to have a calm and safe experience of flying. I couldn’t believe it. There were a couple of moments on both flight days in which I felt some pangs of anxiety but these were minor and I was able to manage them really well. I credit hypnotherapy with the radical change.

Thank you again. I am over the moon. I will be back!