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“Have you tried hypnotherapy?” Said no-one to me, ever! I don’t hold with that new age, mumbo-jumbo, give me conventional medicine every time.
However, I wasn’t seeking conventional medicine, I wasn’t asking for help, I could do this on my own, I just have to get a grip, pull myself together, man up!
So, some background – I have just turned 50, although age is just a number and didn’t bother me at all, but for about a year had been having panic attacks and anxiety, not specifically about anything, but a general sense of a knot in my stomach, waking early with a sense of dread, and you guessed it, probably drinking more than was good for me.
I wasn’t sleeping well, couldn’t concentrate and woke every morning feeling horrible guilt for what I had consumed the night before, but by 5pm I knew I was about to jump back on that merry-go-round again.
I was never drunk, was functioning normally, holding down a full time job, managing a family, being a daughter, wife, mother, colleague, friend, sister, neighbour, but something was slowly eating away at me, I wasn’t happy (whatever that means), was suffering daily panic attacks, and I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to go to my GP, because nothing was “wrong” with me, and we all know how busy they are, right?

Then I read an article in a freebie newsletter – “Do you want to feel relaxed, happy and in control? Do you want to thrive – not just survive?”. Oh yes, I thought, I want to begin living my life, not waiting for death, I was 50, not 100, I still have at least 10 years working left and wanted to regain my life rather than just existing and going through the motions.
“Solution Focused Hypnotherapy”, what harm could it do?
I arranged to meet Denise at her clinic and from the first moment, I was hooked, we talked, she listened, she empathised, she didn’t think I was whining, and should pull myself together, she reassured me that I could get my life back, that my stress bucket was full, that it didn’t have to be like this, there was a solution.

After a chat, I got to lie down and listen to her melodic voice talking to me, relaxing, finding my peace, and no squawking like a chicken or standing on my head Derryn Brown style!
It felt like taking the skin off an onion, every week we seemed to get down another layer, Denise gave me tangible, realistic and achievable goals to make my issues shrink, more manageable and easier to cope. Things to do when I was back in my real life, ways to relax and find the real me I so desperately wanted back.
Over the first seven weeks, we talked and gradually I wanted to decrease the amount of days I was drinking, although she allowed me to think I didn’t have a “problem”, until finally (I’m sure that how it felt to Denise), I arrived one Friday saying, “I’m going to stop drinking altogether”.
The relief was almost instant, it was like lifting a veil from my eyes, and I suddenly felt that was the most logical, sensible and achievable goal.
That was 21 days ago, I haven’t gone 21 days without drinking in 15 years. I haven’t even done more than a week, but suddenly I have no desire to drink alcohol. I have been reading “quit-lit” and still seeing Denise for a top up of positivity, but she has taught me how to understand what was happening in my subconscious, and to solve the problems in small steps.
I still have a way to go, but that first step was the hardest, made so easy by Denise’s approach and kind, gentle, humorous manner.
Give her a go, she’s worth it, but avoid Friday afternoons, because that’s my time!

Ok – this one blew me away today… I was in my local supermarket – minding my own business – when I heard someone shout “Denise, Denise – Oh my God – it’s been ages!” I turned round to see THE most biggest smile and THE most glowing face coming towards me!! As I didn’t have my glasses on – I couldn’t tell who it was – only that it was a woman!!
Then I heard her shout “This woman saved my life! Oh my God I am so pleased to have caught up with you..”
It was a client who I hadn’t seen for around 2 years. She came to me with anorexia. Her parents were at their wits end, she had been in hospital, had to leave university, went into rehab etc etc… Then she came to me.. What did I do? Well – I did what I knew best and helped her take control of herself and get rid of the monster inside her…
So – as she said – “I saved her life….! and she said I could write it here…..
You would be so pleased with me, because I am so pleased with myself…..I got myself ready to go out for Sunday dinner today with ?????, and when I looked in the mirror I felt that I looked really wonderful and I found myself telling myself how beautiful my soul is, my heart is, my mind is, and how beautiful my face is! I told myself I was glowing and my heart absolutely flipped a beat! Amazing feeling!
It just felt absolutely the right thing to do….and to top it all, I came downstairs and ????? took one look at me and said how lovely I looked, and then said it over dinner as well, both times unprompted which, hasn’t happened for several years! I haven’t felt so good in such a long time! Everything just seemed to come together! I can’t wait until Tuesday, feeling like a different person! I have fallen asleep every time I have done the meditation so I haven’t ever got to the end of it! lol. Interestingly, I am very tired each evening before going to bed, which I haven’t been for a very long time! xx
I was feeling lost and couldn’t control my emotions. My worries were escalating to unfounded thoughts which then led me to fall into constant panic. After two sessions with Denise I felt myself again my mins feels clear and whenever I feel slightly worried I am able to tell myself I am okay and move on. My whole thought process has now changed and many people have commented how much happier I look. Big thanks Denise.
When you get a FANTASTIC testimonial from a renowned psychiatrist from one of the 2 most famous public boys schools – then you just KNOW that what you are doing works…
After seeing the fantastic results shown by (clients name removed) I must say – my opinion of using other methods of therapy has changed dramatically..
I was one of those who firmly believed that CBT and talking therapy were the most effective.
This has changed and I will most certainly be using Denise’s skill and expertise in the future.
This is what she said about my client and my skills…
I think Denise has the knowledge and background to support (clients name removed). We discussed three strategies,
1. Externalising the drive for achievement in order to understand and master it.
2. Supporting (name removed) in increasing his tolerance of frustration including anxiety management.
3. Recognising how those personality traits listed can get in the way of therapy.
With Denise’s background in teaching, autism and experience of eating disorders she is well placed to support (name removed).
I suggest (name removed) works with her  so don’t waste anymore time searching a CBT therapist.
I came to Denise not knowing what to expect. I was stressed at work and knew that I was seeking praise which was not forthcoming. I work hard and was getting no thanks whatsoever. I only had three sessions with Denise, but they were a game changer. I am much more confident at work. I am less emotional at work. I am achieving more and I am thanking myself. I now know who I am and where I am going. Simple things really, but they were missing and Denise helped me find them
Through hypnotherapy. Denise is a breath of fresh air who can really help you find the solution. I am left pondering why I didn’t do this years ago!


What can I say……I honestly don’t know where I would be without Denise, and I genuinely mean that!!! She is and has been the most amazing person that I have seen!!!
I honestly can’t thank her enough!!!! Keep being you Denise and THANK YOU xx �� xx


Fantastic text from a client:
I feel amazing, am I imagining it?? I’m starting a new eating regime tomorrow, I can visualise how I want to look. I never thought this was possible..And I have only had one session!!!


Denise has been my hypnotherapist for the last 18 months and the results Denise has achieved have been beyond my expectations.
Denise is a joy, and even now I still look forward to our sessions.
I would recommend Denise to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy.



This is a fantastic way to end my year!!!

Roll on 2017 and seeing more fantastic transformations!!!

Hi Denise
Coming to the end of 2016 in a totally different frame of mind than I entered it and I have to say this was due to you .
I feel that I am a different person now with the tools to cope with what faces me.
I’m sure at some stage I may need your services again but I can look 2017 full in the face and go with it.
I wish you a very good new year and thanks again x



My journey to Denise:

Over 5 years – 10 doctors, 7 Psychiatrists, 8 Counsellors, 100’s (and I mean 100’s) of therapists – masseuses, reflexologists, homeopaths, Bowen technique, acupuncture, reiki, ice water therapy, angel therapy, 250 bottles of vitamins, ear candles, sweat tents… Need I go on??

Found Denise – 10 – yes 10 – sessions and guess what??? I feel F**king marvellous!!



From a client this morning…
As they say,FYI! …..Confidence level: highest ever. Happiness level: highest it’s been in decades. Stress level: very, very low. Loneliness level: zero. Three words to describe me…..content, content,content! Too use one of your favourite words…fab! Thank you so very much.

Love it…



So the season of flying is nearly upon us, so I thought I’d post the email a client sent me after her Easter holiday. I saw her for a 2 hour session as she was flying the next day (eek – no pressure!) :-

”Just a little note to say a HUGE thank you for fitting me in and having a tremendous impact on my experience of flying. Both flights went really really well! I am astounded! I had a couple of nervous wobbly moments but these were miniscule and brief compared to before. The experience was completely transformed! I can’t thank you enough. I am going to keep practising and doing the exercises/visualisations and so forth. Keep the bravery muscle tight!

I was petrified of flying for 8 years. I would have nightmares, paranoid thoughts, and steadily increasing anxiety and panic attacks in the days leading up to the flights. The flights themselves were truly horrid with constant tears and rapid cycling panic attacks throughout. I have tried talking therapy, valium, booze, and fear of flying course run by an airline. All of these certainly helped but the hypnotherapy was transformative. I still took valium but the experience was unrecognizable from previous flights (where I had also taken valium). The hypnotherapy allowed me to have a calm and safe experience of flying. I couldn’t believe it. There were a couple of moments on both flight days in which I felt some pangs of anxiety but these were minor and I was able to manage them really well. I credit hypnotherapy with the radical change.

Thank you again. I am over the moon. I will be back!–


Here is part of an email I received from a very happy client..

I have certainly been catching more than just a glimpse of a ‘new me’.
Words that spring to mind – more confident/self-assured and positive. Content with my lot (such a good feeling to recognise). Feeling light hearted – I found myself singing the other day!
Some days I have felt I have so much energy that I am LEADING life, instead of being dragged along by it. It is wonderful!
I find myself making plans and looking forward whereas for years, it seems, I have felt tired and overwhelmed and plodded on pretending I had a zest and zeal that just wasn’t there…

Now that’s why I love what I do….


I had a client who came to me around 18 months ago – he was suffering from serious stress and anxiety – not a happy bunny!! He had 10 sessions and really did go away a totally different man..

Anyway – I asked him if he would give me a testimonial and he said “No – but if I’m still feeling as good as I am in a year then I will definitely give you a testimonial..

This landed in my in box this morning…

” I spent 10’s of thousands on therapy over a period of 25 years – I could have bought an Aston Martin with the amount I spent! Then I met Denise – totally out of the blue… She said she could help me – I said she couldn’t….

I was wrong… After 10 – yes only 10 sessions – costing a total of £600 – I felt in control, happy and saw a future… After a year – I can honestly say I still feel the same…

If I had found Denise before I could have had a different life and an Aston Martin!!

For anyone looking for help – Denise is definitely the “GO TO” person”

Now – how’s that for praise!! He has now agreed that if he is still going good next year then he will do a video!!!


All these are real clients. Every one of them has a story to tell..

Before I met Denise I was a mess. I was brought to my lowest point and emotionally devastated because of an unhealthy relationship. I needed help and support of someone that could guide me back to me.
A dear friend gave me Denise’s contact details, “Denise is amazing” he said “she’ll help you”.
Denise did help me get back on track. She gave me the tools and self belief through counselling to let the past go, be able to deal with the negative in my life, focus on the present and realise that I’m worth more, that I am worth loving myself. She has been with me, supporting me every step of the way. I now believe in me again. I trust in who I am and my decisions. I’ve still a way to go on my journey, but having the support of Denise has given me courage to plan a future and live my life how I want and on my terms.
I will always be grateful to my friend for giving me my opportunity to meet Denise. All you have to do is reach out, take a leap of faith, there is someone there that can help you too. My friend was right, Denise is amazing.

(Kit- Wiltshire)

Just had a lovely text from a client “Thank you doesn’t do justice to how I feel and what a massive impact you’ve had on me over these past few weeks. My life has changed and I am so thankful that I found you. You are an amazing person who does amazing things!”
I’m blushing……

I’d just like to say a massive thank you for the help that you gave me, honestly of everyone that I saw (and I saw bloody loads) you my friend, were the one and only person that has actually helped me over come what I’ve needed too! I’ve been through a really tough time these past three months and I’ve hooked out your CD these past few days, it’s already started helping! A genuine massive massive THANKS xxxx

Check out this new testimonial – Louise is fantastic!!

I was sceptical about hypnotherapy, let alone whether it would really work for smoking cessation but having attempted and failed with many other ‘quit smoking’ methods I felt I didn’t have anything to lose.
On arrival I was warmly welcomed by Denise and instantly felt relaxed and at ease in the pleasant and quiet surroundings of Happy Cottage. The hypnosis experience was surprisingly pleasurable and clearly got some of the ‘grey matter’ in my brain working effectively again!? The ‘naughty little child’ in me was finally being put in its place and took with it the 25 years of smoking experience I had undertaken – forever!?? Yes, I walked out of Happy Cottage that afternoon, a NON-SMOKER, and I truly believe it is forever.
One year on and sure I do still occasionally think, “I’ll have a cigarette in a minute” but something deep inside me instantly replies with “but you don’t smoke”.? ?It’s as simple as that – I DON’T SMOKE.
Still a sceptic of hypnotherapy? ?- NO.? It was the best and most effective decision I have ever made.? If you truly want to give up smoking, call Denise and I can assure you, you will not regret it.
 C – Calne

Denise has been fantastic! She has made me see just how much I have been missing in my life and that focusing on the past isn’t the answer. I have now changed my job, and taken up exercise – I feel a new person. Thankyou so so much. You are a life saver.   MD – Chippenham

Without Denise I would still be smelling like an ashtray! She was fantastic – still a non-smoker and it’s been 12months…..  Sam – Devizes

I was really sceptical about it all. Hypnotherapy – me? Never! But I have to say – boy did it work! I came away from my first session feeling so good and knew this would work and I have never looked back. For any people doubting this – you MUST try it – it does work. Chris – Swindon

After many years of being overweight and trying every diet under the sun, I was at my wits end. I started the weight management programme and haven’t looked back. My weight is coming off and I feel so much better about myself……. Wish I had found this years ago! Sue – Malmesbury

Depression has been in my life for over 25 years and i could never see a way out of it but after sessions with Denise I can now understand my condition better and cope much better than I have ever done before. Mark – Bath

I am a keen golfer and was going through a bad phase in my game and needed help to get me back in focus. I was given Denise’s number from a mate who had seen her in the past and could not praise her enough…. I now know why -she got me back on track with my game and I played the best I had played in years!! I now go for top ups before I go away on my lads holiday each year!!      Phil – Tetbury 



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