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So is it???
Are we all jolly??
Or do we pretend??

What is it about Christmas that makes everything even more pronounced? Is it because it’s the time of the year when everyone should be getting together and playing happy families – yet – really – all we want to do is to stay at home, pj’s on, eating and watching movies all day??

What has changed over the years? Why is it even more stressful? Shouldn’t it be the time of the year when we all just stop….think……take stock……be grateful… happy….?

Well I have decided to go back to basics. For me – growing up – the biggest thing about Christmas was Christmas dinner.. Oh yes we got gifts – I will never forget my Sindy doll and her car… THE BEST!!!

I’ll also never forget the tartan slippers……. WHY????

Anyway – Christmas Dinner was always the thing for me that made the day..

And to this day – I still believe that the dinner is the main event.

There have been times in my life when I have been down to the bare essentials at Christmas time but I have always made sure we got Christmas Dinner.. To have everyone there, just being together, eating and celebrating this time of year – has always made it worthwhile for me.

A bit like Sunday dinner but more upmarket!!!

Anyway – as I was thinking about my Christmas Dinner – it made me think about how many people use foodbanks and how many will be doing that this year…

I’ve never used one – and I hope I never have to, but I am sure there are loads out there who are grateful they exist.. So – this year – I took the money I usually spend on cards and bought food. Then I put it in the food trolley at the local supermarket.. I would’ve put a chicken in but I reckon it would smell a bit by Christmas Day!!!

My Christmas Letter to Santa was back to basics too.

Don’t tell me you don’t write a letter??? What??? So how does he know what you want???

Anyway – my letter asked for stuff that I really would love – new windscreen wipers for my car, hair oil, a calendar for the clinic, money to get my hair done (can’t have grey roots on Christmas Day!!)

Why am I doing this you may ask? Not quite sure to be honest!! I think I’ve got to the point in my life when – if I want something – then I save and go get it… So Christmas isn’t a big issue for me. Even now as my children are older – their needs are becoming “essentials” too – a jumper, a coat, boots…

Which is good as it means they won’t be coming asking for this stuff during the year!!!

So – is it a time to be jolly? Or is it a time to just stop and think??

My cousin died last week… If I said I was really upset – I’d be lying as I never really knew her in later years. When we were younger, we spent a lot of time together but then, like all families, shit happens and we lost touch. It’s sad though – to think that she is no longer here so, whether I wanted or not, I can’t go and say hello!!

Anyway – I digress again!!

On the act of being jolly…. I think it is seriously overrated and will therefore be being “me” for the day of the 25th December – which means – as usual – life will be peachy, I will be grateful and happy for all that I have and all that is coming my way….

So, from the bottom of my never ending heart – have a fabulous Christmas Day – may all your basic needs be met and that Santa brings you something you truly desire…

Now – where’s my Christmas jumper…


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