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Now I am NOT saying that everyone who has depression can be treated with out medication – BUT what I am saying is that there are numerous methods, techniques out there that can help alleviate the emotions, behaviours, reactions etc.

I have had clients come to me as young as twelve years old having had a bout of depression, and then being prescribed medication.. They spent days crying, under their duvet, shaking, some even took it further and their life became a series of self-destructive habits, from bingeing and purging, to drinking, to cutting – all to try and get a sense of release and relief.

I have clients in who go through one medication—and then another, and another, and another after that. Not only that but they take pills, some to offset the side effects of others.

Oh sure, they  didn’t feel as depressed, but that’s because they rarely felt anything.

What DID become apparent was that these drugs may have been treating the symptoms, but the clients weren’t really focusing on the root cause—at least not effectively. They had been in counselling, had CBT and other therapies but they were all of the massive belief that their depression was chemical, and that there was no hope of relief without antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and tranquilizers.

Through my time with them – I have given them the belief that it’s ok to feel as they do and it’s also ok to want to change it without chemicals… Then it’s ok to want to address the REAL issue what really caused their depression.

So – what tools are available to use to help treat the depression and give YOU back control?

  1. Meditation, – it doesn’t have to be sitting for hours on end… Quite simply sitting and just doing nothing… Focusing on something positive and really seeing how good it makes you feel..
  2. Deep breathing, – it’s amazing how much we take our breathing for granted… So why don’t you try taking control of it? Do some slow breaths – see how it affects your body.. Then do some quick breaths – see how that affects you… Now see how you can control it – so then controlling how your body is working..
  3. Physical exercise— now I am NOT then best at exercise – but find something that gives you a buzz.. I love dancing.. and singing… Or maybe walking, swimming, or dance around the house while you clean.. Who cares? If it makes YOU feel good – Hell DO IT!
  4. Medication – if you need it then take it… Why suffer for the sake of it,..medication can serve a purpose in treating mental illness. Please know that I am not suggesting that no one should be on medication, and that anyone who is should stop taking it cold turkey.
  5. Therapy – but one which suits YOU… Do you really want to talk about how you’re feeling all the time or do you want to focus on moving forward and taking control??

So – there you go – my short and sweet insert to treating depression..

If YOU need more information – then PLEASE contact me and I will gladly chat to you

Life is not about the destination – but about enjoying the journey itself…


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