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How hypnotherapy can help you make powerful and long lasting positive changes and support your emotional well-being.


If someone were to ask you “how are you today, how’s life?” would you be brave and offer them an honest response, or would you just satisfy them with an “I’m ok thanks,” even if it wasn’t completely true.


Asking “how are you?” or “how’s life?” seems to have become something that we say with no real depth or meaning anymore, it’s kind of a throw away question, because do we really want to know the answer?


For the person being asked it’s easier to say “I’m fine” as it’s often the case that people don’t want to reveal or burden others with their personal affairs or ill health.

In reality however, it is possible that the person you ask could be struggling, and may need some help and support. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem every year, this is highly probable.


I see first-hand the associated isolation and shame some clients feel in regard to the difficulties they are facing with their health.  They are often embarrassed about being emotionally unwell, and report feeling as though they have failed. Together with feeling guilty about maybe being absent from work, and letting their co-workers, employers, or their family down, it can be a desperate situation for some.


Talking about emotions and getting up close and personal with them is a challenge for most people I feel, although change is slowly emerging.  With more positive role models in society and the media, and better working practices to support and promote emotional well-being in the workplace, there is progress being made.  My experience of this has been facilitating stress awareness workshops for corporate businesses.


There is however much work still to be done, especially when you read that 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17. (


As a clinical hypnotherapist, my expertise supports individuals struggling with stress, depression, and low self-esteem.  For those clients in my care I really do want to know how they are, I want to understand how they are feeling and what they are struggling with. If they are only just surviving and have reached crisis point, I work with them to get them to a place where they feel confident to head out and lead a full and rewarding life.  A life that really sings at them!


I see clients who want to be focused, who want to regain control, feel empowered, happy and motivated each day.  They all have ambition, albeit hidden deep, and it is for me to help them take that step onto a positive path to achieving what it is they really want, so they can take control and realise their ambitions.


So how can hypnotherapy help our emotional well-being? 


Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive treatment, meaning no medications are involved.  By guiding the person into a pleasant state of deep relaxation and making use of the subconscious mind and the power of suggestion, a clinical hypnotherapist can work towards replacing unhelpful beliefs and emotions with more positive and constructive ideas and thought patterns.


The subconscious mind records all of what we have witnessed or dealt with in our lives, unlike the conscious mind, which quickly forgets most of our experiences.


By handling these subconscious viewpoints and routines, and identifying the root of an anxiety or low mood for example, can help a person to create more beneficial and healthy patterns of behavior for the longer term.


The impact of having hypnotherapy is such that I have witnessed clients who were absent from work due to a stress-related illness return much sooner, and require less of a phased return to work programme.



I have known clients stop or reduce medication for depression and anxiety.  I have helped clients

make powerful and long lasting positive changes in their lives by helping, teaching and guiding them.



At Mindreset there are no packages or promotions, simply sincere help and support, and the level of support available isn’t restricted to that of the appointment time only.  Contact is made with every client by text message on a daily basis. I understand that each day can be a huge struggle, and every day can bring new challenges.  Having that point of contact can mean so much to some and in my experience has shown to be the catalyst for a person’s health and well-being to improve much quicker.


If you’d like more information about how to make changes to live a happier and more rewarding life, or on how I work – then please get in touch.

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