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Are you doing it 3 ways?

Scientific research has identified your head, heart and gut areas all have the intellectual ability as your brain !

So – when you’re going through life – which “brain” has the most impact? Or should they all have an input??

Mmmmm – so how do we know which one works when??
Well – think about your head – and the phrase – are your ruled by your heart or your head??
Your head is the area of thoughts, it is where we keep the logical and factual aspects..
Your heart is the area of emotions – so when you get angry, happy, sad – it comes from here..
Your gut is the area of reactions. How many times have you felt sick or your stomach has rumbled during an event or in a situation??


Using this in everyday life means:

Your thoughts DO create your reality – so make sure they are positive and working in your favour.
A broken heart is something that DOES happen and your body does react to this….!
We can be so busy, programmed or lost in dramas that we don’t stop and really notice which brain we are working with and why.
What a waste of three amazing facilities!
What difference would it make if you knew which one you were using and then tried to use one of the other brains, try and use all three or swap which one takes the lead?

So how about we have a go and see how this works for you.

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