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Can you recall driving a car along a route you have undertaken many times, when suddenly you realise you weren’t aware of the last part of the journey? Or have you ever been so engrossed in a book or film that you had not realised how much time had elapsed?

These are examples of naturally occurring ‘trance’ and, through simple guided relaxation techniques, you can reach this level of relaxation in the sessions that are used for the hypnotic process.  You remain awake and in control. It’s a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Hypnosis has been used for many years as a way of letting people make positive changes to their lives. At our clinic in Malmesbury, we use modern hypnotherapy techniques alongside clinically proven therapeutic techniques within the relaxing and enjoyable state of trance to help people make significant positive changes in relatively short periods of time.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, looks at what you want to achieve or change in your life rather than on the problem(s) that motivated you to seek change. We focus on the present and future and not on the past. In our sessions we ask you to consider your preferred future, for instance, “what would be better if the problem had improved?” “What would have changed?” This helps you to realise your possible solutions and find a way to work towards them.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to activate change during hypnosis. This is a normal and natural method of altering someone’s state of consciousness. It is very pleasant and relaxing and also induces deep concentration. Hypnosis itself reduces anxiety and this is done very simply through relaxation and visualisation, allowing you to focus on the positive aspects of your life that encourages a shift in perspective. Resolving unwelcome habits and thought patterns at a subconscious level means that hypnosis can help the parts that other approaches can’t reach!

“Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy…. by using hypnosis, people can perform prodigious feats of will power and self healing” (Health Education Authority)

It is called a ‘brief’ therapy because it works incredibly quickly; most people suffering from anxiety and/or depression disorders can expect to be back to their real selves again within 8-12 sessions. Treatments of fears and phobias take 3 sessions and smoking cessation is a single 2 hour session

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