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Anxiety Axed

So having been a very busy month in January and dealing with so much anxiety here are a few thoughts..

To be happy and have peace of mind you must do the work.. no one said it was always going to be easy but the rewards are far higher and waiting for you …

1. Take responsibility for your life and where you are.
2. You only can make the changes no one else and if your wife or husband isn’t supportive .. time to really think about what your relationship is doing to to you …
3. Stop people pleasing
4. Stop believing you are a victim
5. Connect with what you really want , take time out and get clarity about your desires

It’s all a learning process and sometimes you will need help from a professional coach like myself to get there , that in itself is making a decision to move forward and make a happier life..deciding and doing are what most people don’t do .. they put it off usually for due to fear or perceived circumstances.. be open to new better possibilities and be amazed at what you can achieve.

I’m amazed everyday what my clients achieve mainly because
1. They decided enough was enough
2. They commit to that growth
3. Sometimes in my therapy room it’s the first time in their adult lives that they have been told they are amazing , that they deserve to be happy , that they are worthy , I see things in them that family and friends don’t see , and sometimes the consultation itself is enough to initiate changes..they do the work and consistently blow me away with their achievements, having someone totally support you and guide you is priceless.

Growth and self development or awareness are not selfish they are essential to your happiness and everyone in your life benefits when you are happier , calmer and in control of your life..

The reason I do the work I do is because it works and what I teach works otherwise I wouldn’t do it ..

Here’s to February !

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