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stress1 As I was stuck in traffic the other day – trying desperately NOT to let road rage get the better of me – my thoughts turned to stress… and is it really bad for you???

There are times when we feel that we just live our lives in constant stress. We all feel it in different ways and we all react to it in different ways. Some hate it and some see it as a normal way of life. But we can all agree that most times we would rather live without it.

Why live life full of worry and stress??


Can You Love it??

Stress may have its bad reputation. But, this also serves its important function. This also helps keep you safe from any serious danger. This is also because it is closely linked to your ability of feeling afraid. And thus, this allows you to be alert and respond to those perceived threats around.

When you perceive a threat, the amygdala in your brain immediately sends distress signal in your hypothalamus that activates your sympathetic nervous system. This now switches your body to a fight mode. And, this helps you get away from those threats around. This can help increase your chance of survival.

Actually, stress is not a feeling to get annoyed about. If you have the right knowledge on how to manage and deal with it, you can start to love a stressful feeling.

Motivates You towards Success

Your body usually reacts to stress in an entirely different way. Some of us get aches and pains, some of us can’t eat or eat more. So, people need to learn how to deal and manage this reaction to ensure their success.

You need to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to activate your stress response the proper and effective way. In worst cases, some people are running away, fighting and hiding their stresses. Doing so only affects their lives and can have an adverse effect on how successful their lives will be. Learn to deal with your stresses in life.


Resetting Your Stress Relationship

If you want to learn how to respond to stress, here is the complete list of some of the steps you need to follow to respond to it:

    1. Shifting Stress Mindset
    2. Stop blaming stress for destroying your life. Stress is not an evil force you need to push away. So start to accept it and give it a bit of respect. To shift to a stress-free mindset, all you have to do is to believe that stress is always on your side. And, you can take control of it.
  • Restoring Your Relationship Towards Stress


Instead of judging stress, start responding to it. Like all other types of relationship that are based on mutual respect and trust, the first step you need to do is to listen. Be curious and pay attention.

  • Changing How to Engage with Stress


You need to learn to de-escalate your stress response. Most people are not aware of it as it’s not something that you’re taught at school!! Learn to take action when you feel stress. You just need to get used to it and commit yourself in using stress for your own advantage.

Stress is not as bad as what other people think it could be. It DOES offer a lot of benefits. It gives you a handle on life. You just need to learn how to deal, how to manage and how to best respond to it.


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