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So – come on – be honest – how many of you have gone on a days workshop and came away feeling so pumped up, motivated and ready to take on the world……. And then forget all about it the next day when you’re back at work and reality kicks in???

The handouts, leaflets, notes etc stay in the folder, gathering dust…. You may come across them when you’re tidying up… and then you flick through them and – then what?? You either think – oh yes!! I remember I was going to do that!!! Or you chuck them in the bin…

So – was the investment worth it???

Mmm- so how do you get the most from your investment?

Well – here’s my 5 tips…

  1. Make sure you really understand what the workshop is about… You have no idea how many people I have spoke to who have said they went on workshops and thought it was about something totally different!!
  2. Find out how it will work – is it all listening (more of a talk than a workshop!) do you have to participate – (some people don’t like doing this) is there work beforehand…
  3. Ask for the agenda – so then you will know timings etc… So then you won”t be scooting off half way through!!
  4. Ask yourself – what do YOU want to get out of it..
  5. What is the follow-up? Contact the trainer and ask if they provide support afterwards..


Then maybe – just maybe you won’t spend money on something that will have no impact on you…




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